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For 10 years now, the SE Ranking team has closely studied the behavior of search engines to create tools that help in-house and agency SEO pros achieve their most ambitious goals. We have witnessed search algorithms grow in complexity and have transformed our tools accordingly.

To share all the knowledge we have accumulated over the years, we created the SE Ranking Academy. Within this platform, you’ll learn how to master the intricacies of SEO, unlock the full capacity of SE Ranking’s toolset and take your agency business to new heights. We have teamed up with leading SEO experts and agency owners to provide exclusive insights rooted in solid expertise and personal experience.
Our explanations are designed to be clear to everyone, regardless of your background and experience in digital marketing
All course materials are exclusively prepared by SEO experts
Videos, texts, games, tests, workshops—everything you need to make learning dry SEO theory fun and exciting

Course list

All courses
Certification course
Getting Started with SE Ranking: Agency Tools & Features
Take a crash course in SE Ranking’s tools and features to take your digital agency's SEO from good to great, right off the bat.
Start-of-the-Year Special
SEO Foresight 2024: Navigate AI, Google Updates & Search Trends
Learn from top industry experts how AI, Google updates, and evolving search habits will shape SEO this year and beyond.
certification course
Content SEO
Join us as we look at what it takes to create content that both search engines and people love.
certification course
SEO Basics
Learn the fundamentals of search engine optimization and find out how to leverage SEO techniques to promote businesses online.
SE Ranking in Action
Learn practical ways of using SE Ranking all-in-one SEO platform to achieve your business goals with the SE Ranking in Action course.
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User reviews

Alex Wright
SEO & Performance Marketing Director
5.0 rating

The SE Ranking Academy is an excellent resource for anyone looking to improve their knowledge on SEO. I’m a big fan of the format — having the videos followed by a short quiz helps to keep things fun and I think it helps the knowledge to stick!

Miguel Brandão
Founder and SEO Manager
4.8 rating

SE Ranking Academy — the best place to learn SEO and Digital Marketing. Simple and easy and at the end it has a certificate!

Juliana Carvalho Martinez
Translation & Localization Specialist | Cross-Cultural Technical Writer
5.0 rating

I’m impressed with the content quality of the course. Great layout, practical and easy to digest information

Chris Hinchey
Marketing Consultant
5.0 rating

For anyone just starting out with SE Ranking, it provides a good overview of what the platform does and how it can be used alongside Google’s own SEO tools.

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You will have access to the Academy for the entire period of your subscription. If you are not yet familiar with the SE Ranking platform, you must first sign up.

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