Backlink Checker

Conduct an in-depth analysis of any backlink profile with a tool featuring one of the most relevant and lightning-fast backlink datasets

A tool with the power to analyze any backlink profile, uncover precious SEO insights, and supercharge your strategy

All link-building insights packed into one Backlink Checker

  • Domain trust & Page trust

    A score that shows how likely a domain or a page is to rank in SERPs

  • Referring domains

    A list of domains pointing to the analyzed domain/URL

  • Backlinks

    Active, new, and lost links with additional SEO data

  • Anchor texts

    Top anchor texts and their count

  • Top pages by links

    Pages on a domain that get the most outbound links

  • IPs & subnets

    List of links grouped by IPs and subnets

  • Toxic backlinks

    Low-quality links that harm website rankings

  • Broken backlinks

    Links between two websites that no longer work


Grow your business with our reliable backlink data

  • 2.9T

    Backlinks Indexed

  • 411M

    Domains Indexed

  • 14B

    pages crawled daily

Use our database to benefit your business, analyze your or competitors' links

In-depth backlink analysis

View a complete list of backlinks and referring domains with all their key metrics

Enter a domain name to get a complete rundown of every link leading to any page with our backlink finder. Each link is evaluated based on a set of essential SEO parameters, such as domain/page trust, the link type (e.g., image, text), and whether it is nofollow/dofollow. You can also check each link’s target URL and anchor text.

View a complete list of backlinks and referring domains with all their key metrics

Check the top pages by outgoing links to see the most robust URLs on a website

The Pages Report in in SE Ranking's Backlink Checker offers in-depth SEO data on the pages that are getting the most backlinks compared to the ones that still need to be worked on. This data is worth its weight in gold and can help you determine the type of content that attracts links in your niche. It can give you hints on why some pages aren’t getting the needed results.

Check the top pages by outgoing links to see the most robust URLs on a website

Why backlinks are important

Getting unique and trusted backlinks plays a key role in increasing the website's authority and, as a result, improving rankings. These are known as "votes of confidence" in SEO, and they not only increase exposure but also improve your credibility and trust in Google’s eyes.

If search engines could talk, they would say that the more websites that link to a certain page, the more likely the linked content is of high value. That website, then, is likely to get a higher ranking position on SERPs as well as more organic traffic. Knowing this, you can now go to our Backlink Checker tool and analyze your or your competitors' links.

Why backlinks are important

How to use our backlink analyzer tool to improve your backlink profile

  • Check your backlinks to assess its health and find out which content gets the most backlinks.

    To see where your link profile stands, enter your domain into the corresponding field. When analyzing your backlink list and anchor texts, you’ll be able to make a list of links to disavow. You can also use our backlink checker tool to identify the pages that get the most links and compare them to your focus page list.

  • Check your competitors’ backlinks to devise a strategy that helps you outrank them.

    Identifying the backlink strategies that your rivals are relying on is a great way to discover link-building opportunities. You can do this by identifying the pages your competitors are focusing on, as well as their anchor texts and what types of links they use. Backlink analysis takes time, but it’s a surefire way to beat out the competition.


What is the Backlink Checker?

The Backlink Checker is a tool that evaluates a website’s link profile. It can be used to identify valuable link acquisition opportunities and refine off-page strategies. The Backlink Checker provides a complete list of backlinks and referring domains. It can also evaluate their quantity, quality, and relevance, and even offer insights into dozens of backlink-related parameters.

What information can I find with the Backlink Checker?

The Backlink Checker offers insights into:

  • The total number (and a detailed list) of backlinks and referring domains.
  • The Domain Trust score to evaluate website authority.
  • The Toxicity score to show the percentage of low-quality links.
  • A list of anchor texts and pages getting the most backlinks.
  • A graph showing new/lost backlinks, and the domain’s dofollow/nofollow link ratio.

Can I use your Backlink Checker for free?

During the 14-day trial period, you may use the Backlink Checker for free. If you find the tool beneficial and want to continue using it, simply subscribe to any of our plans. This tool is included in all of them.

Can I perform bulk backlink checking?

Sure, this process is easy with our Backlink Checker API. You can use it to extract various backlink profile data. This includes the number of backlinks and referring domains, the Domain Trust score, and many other important metrics. Please note that the API is only available with a Business subscription.

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  • Backlink Gap Analyzer
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