How CadastrandoWeb Helped an Ecommerce Site rank on Page One for 600+ Keywords and 4X their Sales

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Kseniia Kyslova
Apr 15, 2022
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The agency

Cadastrando Web is an internet marketing agency founded by Alexandre Ferreira, in July 2007. For 15 years the agency helped over 8,000 companies from across Brazil to plan and manage their SEO, SEM, and Social Media campaigns.

The client

Omega Brindes e Gráfica is a print-on-demand business that creates custom promotional products and branded gifts for businesses and imprinted goods for retailers in São Paulo.

The challenge

Omega Brindes e Gráfica has been a client of the Cadastrando Web agency since 2019. After the pandemic forced the company to move online, it invested in creating a site. In the beginning, the site could hardly attract about 500 organic visits per month, which couldn’t provide for a substantial amount of sales. The company decided to address a professional marketing agency to help them optimize the site and make it the primary source of new orders.

The goal

  • Maximize the visibility of the site in search results for transactional and navigational queries related to print-on-demand goods and services in São Paulo
  • Fine-tune the site performance to ensure a fast page load speed and a good user experience to improve conversion rates and sales

Steps to reach the goal

  • Optimize the site for a list of keywords that can attract visitors with buyer intent to make a direct and fast impact on sales
  • Optimize the site’s WordPress theme to improve page load speed and Core Web Vitals
  • Set up keyword position tracking and reporting to help the company control the progress and respond to possible fluctuations in rankings

Getting the job done

Expanding site structure and target keyword list

Based on the range of services Omega Brindes e Gráfica provides, the agency collected the basic list of target keywords using Google Keyword Planner. Then they expanded the list and collected data on search volume and keyword difficulty using SE Ranking’s Keyword Research Tool. 

In the short run, they wanted their product pages to start ranking for low-competition middle- and low-volume keywords related to popular branded merchandize, for example:

  • “Moleskine personalizado” (custom Moleskine notebook) with the search volume of 2.4K and the difficulty score of 12
  • “Pins personalizados” (custom pins) with the search volume of 1K and the difficulty score of 17

In the long run, they wanted the homepage to start ranking for the most competitive high-volume transactional keyword in their niche:

  • “Brindes personalizados” (personalized gifts)—search volume of 40.5K, difficulty score of 50 and its variations

To make the site rank for new keywords, the agency suggested to extend the site structure and distribute the keywords across category and product pages. The number of keywords the site was ranking for started growing steadily and dobled within 1 year.

Analyzing Organic Search Competitors

Rebuilding the WordPress theme

The agency run a Website Audit in SE Ranking to evaluate the client’s site technical health. Based on the data from the Issue Report, they made a checklist for technical SEO. They used the tips from the report, to fix errors and fine-tune the WordPress theme the site used. 

Every time another round of improvements was implemented on the site, the agency re-run the audit. By comparing the reports, they saw the impact the fixes had on the site’s Health Score. With time, the team managed to improve the site’s performance to get a score of 88 and get all the Core Web Vitals metrics into the green zone.

Running a website audit

Tracking rankings and reporting

The Cadastrando Web team uploaded the list of target keywords in the client’s project in SE Ranking. To be transparent on the optimization progress and results, the agency shared the access to the Rankings table with the client to let them check the daily data on positions.

To provide timely reports, the agency took advantage of SE Ranking’s automated reporting feature. They used Report Builder to configure a branded report that met the client’s expectations and scheduled it to be sent weekly to the client’s email.

Automated reporting with SE Ranking

SE Ranking is essential in our SEO strategy, as our client can follow everything about the work and their growth in search engines. The tool helps us solve our main challenges that are: showing keyword rankings, reporting on the progress, and running technical audits.

The result

Omega Brindes e Gráfica got a substantial increase in traffic from Google within two months after the optimization started. As there is some seasonality in the demand for personalized gifts, the traffic has been fluctuating. Nevertheless, the website steadily converts this traffic into orders. 

  • The number of keywords for which the website gets impressions on SERPs increased to 5.3K with 600–700 of them ranking in the Top10. 
  • The monthly number of organic visits increased from 500 to 5K (in off-peak season) and 10K (in peak season).
  • The company managed to get a 400% increase in sales. 
Campaign results in Google Search Console


The Cadastrando Web team’s case study proves that doing smart keyword research and fine-tuning site’s performance can bring fast results for organic traffic and sales. 

SE Ranking, as your SEO assistant, is always there to provide you with in-depth data on your rankings, site technical health, and your competitors’ SEO strategies.

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